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RYLPS Unified Statement

270 official delegates composed of different youth leaders across Region VIII have gathered to formulate the Philippine Alliance of Youth Advocates for Peace Action (PAYAPA) Plan 2022.

Inputs from SK Officials, KKDAT Officers, Youth Leaders, and Peace Advocates have been put together by our Research and Legal Affairs team to provide an integrated plan to achieve its goal to minimize the involvement of the youth in illegal drugs, youth-related violence, and insurgencies.

We urge youth leaders to stand towards peace and justice as prerequisite to sustainable development.


Let our pursuit of RYLPS be our unifying call to action.



We, the youth of Region VIII, represented by 270 youth leaders, acknowledge the existence of prevalent issues caused by and affecting the youth with regards to peace-building and security, and we call for the implementation of programs and formulation of policies to address these specific issues.


We demand for the recognition of our contribution in policy making and program implementation in the local governance with regards to youth-related crimes, drugs, and insurgence.


We support the provision of mechanisms to eliminate juvenile delinquency by addressing its root cause. 


We call for the reinforcement of national laws and orders throughout the Region in localizing initiatives from the national level addressing drugs, crimes, and terrorism.


We call for the assurance of quality education and information, implementation of family-centered interventions, mental health wellness, and economic opportunities as a preventive mechanism against the issues affecting the youth in the Region with regards to peace-building and security. 


We call for the establishment of accountability measures for our local government units in their efforts to address the involvement of the youth on drugs, crimes, and terrorism.


We call for the establishment of youthful and healthy social environment for the youth-led programs to flourish across the Region to ensure prevention of the involvement of the youth in drug abuse, youth-related crimes, and insurgency. 


We call for more effective interventions that acknowledge youth in conflict with the law, youth drug abusers, and youth involved in armed conflicts as rightful members of the society, deserving of being re-integrated as productive citizens. 


With these, we believe that the youth of Region VIII, together with our partner private and government agencies and stakeholders, should make ends meet by pooling our resources, identifying synergies between each other, and practicing multisectoral collaboration towards the attainment of a peaceful, drug-free, and insurgence-free Region VIII.

Unified Statement
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